Renault Service ...your way!

Our love for cars, technology, family and safety in our travels led us to create a specialized Renault car repair shop in eastern Thessaloniki.

Here you will find high quality services for all you Renault car owners and you are interested in a reliable, fast and above all value-for-money balanced service.

We undertake all kinds of specialized work such as repair of immobilizer, dial, control unit, starter - alternator, mechanisms of electric windows, installation of xenon lights, installation of parking sensors, etc.

Where do we differ?

We are familiar with every little detail of your car model
With continuous technical training in France, we are well informed directly by Renault, for any factory changes or technological advances
We provide alternative repair options, tailored to your needs
Renault Service Marantidis Remis - Έχουμε προτάσεις εναλλακτικής επισκευής, προσαρμοσμένες στις ανάγκες σας
We can offer you premium services at the best possible market prices