Computer Conversions (ECU’s)
Remove immobilIzer for all 8v and 16v on 1.2 and 1.4 cubic.
Repair dashboards for Renault Scenic II – Laguna II – Espace II
Install steering electric assistance for Dacia Logan

* Automated gearbox Repair DPO

* Control and maintenance transmission for smoother gear changes.

Add cards (and used for Megane and Laguna).
* Programming new keys for Clio 2 only 70 euros.
* Computer Conversions.
* Remove immobilazer for all 8v and 16v 1.2 cubic.
* Repairs dials Scenic-Laguna.
*Do you have Dacia Logan and has no hydraulic assistance?
Now we can place electric assist quickly, painlessly for your car at a stunning price.

All the work is done according to the manufacturer’s standards and of course guaranteed.


The consequences of a poor maintenance of the air-condition system are not so plesant, especially for vulnerable groups, such as the chronic diseased and the elderly.

There is a risk to grow germs which can cause even serious respiratory infection as the disease known of air conditioners, Legionnaires ‘ disease, says the Director of c Pulmonary clinic of hospital Sismanogleiοn B.P.

Other diseases that may infect the lungs due to poor maintenance of air-conditioning units are extrinsic allergic Alveolitis or bronchiolitis, manifested by severe coughing and wheezing and treated with oxygen administration. Other side effects of a bad unhealthy air conditioner are manifested by sprains, neuralgia and muscle spasms in the neck, chest or face.

So this is why we should regularly do a good cleaning at our air conditioner along with changing the particle filter which is installed in our car.