Until a few years ago the car mechanic and electrician were two different professions. The use of electronics in vehicles has had a meteoric rise in recent years, consequently changed and the role of the engineer.

Mandatorily incorporated today, since the mechanical parts of a car are controlled by electronics.
This development brought to the fore the need for technical specialists (COTECH Coortinateurs Techniques) who would be able to interpret the messages of CLIP diagnostic instruments and the symptoms of the car so they can determine the correct repair.
In our workshop the client doesn’t stay simple Viewer until the moment he pays, but instead is involved in repair and maintenance work in order to know exactly what work was carried out in his car and what parts were replaced.
In our unique atelier in our city we are sure that you will find the difference in providing high quality services for your car of latest technology means a qualified, reliable, and fair technical, on which you will trust your car, with the certainty that he will always run a professional repair and of course always with friendly prices.
The long experience and continuous training in cars of high technology are an additional guarantee for the quality of our services.
For this reason you do not need to seek for solutions without relevance to feel at the end disappointed.
It would be our pleasure to welcome you at our workshop to assist you in the best way.